June 12 2021

As you may know CamelCraft has been out of service for a while. major redesigns are in progress, this includes the website. our goal is to apeal to the players, and with this revamp we belive we may have acheved it. stay tuned next week for the release of the all new CamelCraft (who knows we may have a new name) ;) 

Webstore Update

March 28 2021

Webstore updates: we introduced the store back to purchase ranks as well as keys. you can view the webstore, 

however it won't be fully implemented until later this week. 

Survial Update

March 17 2021

Survival Updates:

Introducing Battlepass, a difficult 2 month trial to get to the top for epic rewards. Can you defeat the clock?

Crates are offline for the moment, during the transition to 1.13.2 files for crates weren't updated properly and should be back up by the end of the week.

Survial Update

March 16 2021

Survival Updates:

server is now updated to 1.13.2 

 mcMMO rpg support, type /class to view info on the class. 

/rank and /warp are now working properly

Skyblock Update

March 13 2021

Skyblock: As work begins in Skyblock, major changes are coming in how the game is played new ranks for the gamemode!

Website updates: new tab Merch!!!

Survival simulator: teleports are functioning smoothly again

Survival Update

March 3 2021

Website: We here at camel craft introduced a new page to implement update logs. 

Survival updates: Keys! We now have crate keys available to purchase (in game currency) Rare 5k, Epic 10k, Legendary 20k and for a limited time Ranks 50k